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    Product catalogues

      Characteristics: With high tensile strength, tightness, good formation and sanitation properties, low peeling force and clear printings, the release paper has been welcomed by open arms of customers for many years. There are a number of specifications for the release paper, and the grammage ranges from to 150 gsm. Specification, peeling force and printing vary according to customer’s demands.

      Applications: in food industry, medical care industry and hygiene industry, in which there are strict sanitary requirements. The identical application includes release paper for sanitary napkins, panty liners, absorbent pads and diapers. And also in envelopes, PVC floor tiles or other related products.

      Plastic-free material: It is a paper product that has the environmental protection characteristics of renewable, recyclable, and degradable, reducing the production and use of plastic from the source.


      Heat-sealability: Heat-seal strength, sealing temperature and time can be adjusted according to the situation of the client computer to ensure that it is suitable for normal startup

      Characteristic: With the characteristics of low peeling strength and good sanitation properties, the release materials have been welcomed by open arms of customers for more than a decade. The grammage is 15-28 gsm, and it can be other grammages depending upon customer’s requirements. Color, clarity, specification, printing and embossing can be changed in accordance with customer’s requirements.

      Applications: In food industry, medical care and hygiene industry, which need strict sanitary properties. Identical application is release material for sanitary napkins and panty liners.

      Characteristics: The base material of the new product is PE film compounded tissue paper or nonwoven. With their characteristics of soft touch feeling, good sanitation properties and and low peeling force, soft release paper / soft release fabric is welcomed with open arms of customers. The grammage of the release material is 25-28gsm. Specification, printing and embossing vary according to customer’s specific demands.

      Applications: In hygiene industry, food industry and medical care industry, which need strict sanitary requirements, such as package for sanitary napkins, panty liners, and absorbent pads.

      Characteristics: Made of all new resin. Embossing on the surface of CPE film and PE film compounded PP nonwoven. With good touch feeling and sanitation properties, the materials are mechanically strong. The grammage is14~28gsm, and the color, clarity, specification, printing and embossing can change in accordance with customer’s requirements.

      Applications: packing for hygiene industry, food industry and medical care industry, which need strict sanitary requirements.



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